What Are Labels & How To Use Labels In Blogger Blogspot

Labels used in Blogger Blogspot will be covered in this article, which will take you through the process from start to finish. Learn What Are Labels And How To Use Labels In Blogger Blogspot to categories each post on your blog according to the category it belongs.

what are labels and how to use labels in blogger blogspot

What Are Labels In Blogger Blogspot?

Labels in Blogger Blogspot, also known as Categories, this is a simple feature that is used to arrange your blog posts into different sections. You can add related blog posts into a category to group them. This helps visitors and blog readers to easily understand the topic of the articles and to browse similar ones easily.

You can Add Labels to your navigation menu as your categories or topics. Blogger Blogspot also provide gadget to display labels page links. Label pages show all similar/related posts in a single page with next/previous page navigation.

Why Should You Use Labels In Blogger?

There are a lot of benefits by using labels in your Blog posts. There are Some reasons why you should use labels in Blogger:

  • Labels helps you arrange blogger posts into different categories.
  • Labels helps the blog owner to group similar blog posts to create a menu item.
  • Labels helps users/visitors to easily browse similar posts in a website or a blog.
  • Blog viewers can understand the category of the blogger posts.
  • Labels plays an important role in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, they help search engines to understand the content better way.

How To Use Labels In Blogger Blogspot Properly? (Best Practices)

Labels plays an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Using Labels in Blog posts helps search engines to easily understand your blogger website. When you search for a keyword in google you might have noticed that in some cases the categories are displayed. So let us check out some best practices of using labels in Blogger Blogspot.

  • Capitalize: Try to make the first letter of each word in capital letters.
  • Make It Simple: Name labels with simple keywords to let visitors easily understand them.
  • Limit Usage: Always try to use one label for a blog post. If you want to use more labels (use maximum 2-3). dont use more than 3 labels.
  • Avoid Duplication: when creating label, check if there is a label already existing with same name. also try to avoid using plurals of the existing labels.

How To Add Labels To Blog Posts In Blogger?

There are 2 options to add label in Blogger (1) Add a label by editing post (2) Add a label from dashboard.

1. Add A Label By Editing Blog Posts In Blogger.

1. Create a New Post or Edit Old Published Post to edit it.
2. In the Blog Post Editor On the right side there is a menu called Posts Settings.
3. Under the Post Settings click on Labels option to expand it.
4. Input your all Labels and separate each label by a comma (,) symbol then press Done button.

add label by editing blogger posts

If you already added some labels in the post, Blogger will suggest these labels when you start typing.
5. Once you add your label, click Update or Publish button. Now Open your published post. You will see your labels at the bottom of your post.

2. Adding Label Directly From Blogger Dashboard

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard click on Posts option.
2. Hover over the post which you want to add a label and click on the Labels Icon.

apply label to this blogspot

3. Type Label Name in the pop-up box. (if you want to add more labels separate each label by a comma (,) symbol).
4. If a label is already existed it will appear in the Suggestions from where you can add directly.
type label name, add more labels, add label, input label, blogger, blogspot

5. Click on Apply to save changes.

3. How To Filter Blogger Posts By Labels In Blogger

Filtering the blogger posts by labels helps you quickly find and list blog posts to various purposes such a Apply labels to selected posts, revert to draft, publish and delete selected posts.

1. Click the Filter By Label icon.
filter by label, filter blogger posts, filter blogspot by label

2. A Pop-up Box will appear. (All your existing labels will shown in the suggestions list).
3. Select Label and click on Apply.
add labels in blogger, filter by label, filter blogspot

3. Blogger will show you All Existing Blog Posts associated with that label.

manage blog posts, add or change label in blogger blogspot

4. Now click on Manage & Select Posts which you want to Apply or Change Label.

create label in blogger, add or change label, delete label

5. Click on Apply Labels To Selected Posts On next window click on Check Box and Apply.
Here, you can also publish, update, revert to draft and delete selected posts quickly.

4. How To Delete Label In Blogger Blogspot?

In this section we will learn how to delete label in blogger blogspot. If you have added a label in more than one blog posts then you have to delete that label from all your existing blog posts. Only deleting a label from single blogger post won't remove it permanently.

1. First of all click on Filter By Label option. A pop-up windows appear.
2. Choose label which you want to Delete and click Apply button. Now you see all blog posts related to that label.
3. Click on Manage and Select Posts which you want to change label or remove label.
4. After selection click on Apply Labels To Selected Posts on next window Uncheck Label

how to delete label in blogger blogspot

Now click Apply. That's it your done!
You can also remove label by editing a blog post, but it takes a lot of time. But this method is quick and easy.

How To Add Labels Gadget In Blogger Blogspot

1. Go to Layout and select section where you want to display labels gadget.
2. Click on Add a Gadget.
3. Clicking on Add a Gadget it will bring you to a list of gadgets. Here Choose Labels.

how to add labels gadget in blogger

Configure Labels Widget
Enable "Show This Widget" by dragging the slider towards the right side.
Choose Label Sorting & Display Settings according to your choice.
"Show Number Of Posts Per Label" option display the total number of posts inside the square brackets, associated with a label. Blogger Tricks (15), Blogging Guide (10).
(1)All Labels - Blogger will display all your labels in gadget.
(2)Selected Labels - This option allows you to show only the select labels to visitors.

how to configure blogger widget

Click Save.

In this article, you learnt What Are Labels In Blogger, the importance of labels in Blogger and how to add them to Blogger post. Hope this article helped you with better understand labels and How To Use Labels In Blogger Blogspot. Share, comment and subscribe for blog updates.

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