How To Use Automatic And Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogspot

How To Use Automatic And Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogspot - You’re a newbie or already in the blogging field. You should definitely know about the SEO. Without knowing anything about SEO, you should not expect any good results from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Before you make posts on Blogger, just spend a few mins for thinking about what are the things you are going to use for SEO for that particular post or pages.

For better SEO you have to optimize permalink structure of your blog posts and pages. Permalink (Permanent) URLs are these what search engines use to rank your post or content. For SEO best practices each of your blog post URL should contain the keywords that you are targeting. When you create and publish a blog post.

You should always remember that if the user query words in the search engine match with the words present in our post URL, then there is a chance for our post to appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). When you write a post on Blogger blogspot, the post permalink (permanent link) is automatically generated based on the post title. Post Title is the keyword you are targeting and that’s what Blogger generates as a URL for your post. For lengthy titles Blogger will generates a lengthy URL which search engines hates as well as Google doesn’t gives much importance for Stop Words. So make your Blog Post (Permalink) or URL Short and Professional.

how to use automatic and custom permalink in blogger blogspot

Here let’s see How To Use Automatic And Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogspot as well as how to change the permalink URL for a old published blog posts.

What is Permalink?

Whenever we create a blog, we write articles or blog posts on it when we writing article or blog post, we publish it. In each blog post there is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) generated in the blog. we call that URL Permalink or Permanent Link. A Permalink is the (internal database identifier) URL of your blog posts, static pages and categories and other content on your website.

permalink can include your domain name ( and other part that might include your blog post title, category, date, or anything.


However permalink or permanent link might be different types for different blogging platforms. but they are universal means once a permalink is created, it can’t be changed or removed completely.

Permalink Structure:

Most important thing to remember when creating permalinks make sure you don't include any illegal characters like Underscore(_), slash(/), comma(.), etc. And other thing if you use more than seventy five (75) characters in URL, you've got fewer possibilities of ranking on the Google search engine.

Types of Permalink in Blogger Blogspot:

Blogger Blogspot has two types of permalink structure.
  • Automatic Permalink
  • Custom Permalink

1. What is Automatic Permalink

This is the default permalink or permanent link of Blogger Blogspot that generates automatically when you publish any blog post.


Automatic Permalink starts with date (year and month of published blog post), includes the post title and ends with .html

This is the reason why automatic permalink or permanent link look unprofessional, too long and are bad for the Blogger website SEO. Apart from that, you’re not allowed to change the automatic permalink to make it SEO friendly. This is the biggest disadvantage of automatic permalink in blogspot.

2. What is Custom Permalink

Custom permalinks can be optimized for SEO friendly. Earlier we had no option to change or configure the automatic permalink, but with the custom permalink structure in blogspot, this becomes possible. You can make the custom permalink keyword-focused, short, look professional by removing the stop words.

See below examples of Automatic and Custom Permalink:
  • 1. Blogger Automatic Permalink
  • 2. Blogger Custom Permalink
You can see in the custom permalink, I have only included the main focus keywords “Fix 404 Error In Blogger” and removed other words that are unnecessary.

Although you are only allowed to change the part between the date and .html. but still, you can't remove the date and .html from the custom permalink.

Why You Should Use Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogspot?

The advantages of using custom permalink in blogger are many which are:
  • Custom Permalinks can be optimized for SEO.
  • Custom Permalinks are readable and human intelligible.
  • Custom Permalinks can be made focusing just on keywords.
  • Custom Permalinks look professional than the ugly long URLs.
  • You can make Custom Permalinks short.
  • A short custom URL helps Google understand what the post is written about.
  • Custom Permalinks are more likely to get clicked in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Best Practices to Make SEO Friendly Custom Permalink

To optimize the permalink properly these are few best practices to get the most of SEO benefits:
  • Use Keywords in the URL to help Google understand what the article is all about.
  • Keep the URL short under 75 characters to make it simple, user-friendly and SEO friendly.
  • Avoid using stop words such as ‘the’, ‘in’ ‘a’, ‘and’, ‘to’, ‘or’, etc.
  • Use hyphens (-) instead of underscore (_) in between the terms to separate them.
  • Avoid using letters in Uppercase, always prefer lowercase.
  • Avoid including the date in the URL.

How To Create Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogspot?

To modify the Permalink in Blogger blospot, you need to follow these below steps carefully.
1. Login to your Blogger account.
2. Click on + New Post to create post.
3. When you're creating a new post, don't enter the Title.
4. Because first you need to insert your Custom Permalink or URL.
5. From Post Editor click on Permalink and Select Custom Permalink option to write and create Custom Permalink.
how to use blogger custom permalink

6. Now click on Publish button. You have successfully created custom permalink.

How To Change Permalink In Blogger Blogspot For Better SEO

Whether you're a new or already blogging in Blogger blogspot, changing the permalink of Old or Published post is pretty easy as 123. All you've to open your old or published post in Draft Mode for which you want to change permalink and head over the permalink option. let see below steps one by one.

1. Login To Blogger And Click On Post:
First of all sign in to your Blogger blogspot account. Once you've signed in select your desire blog (if you have more than one blog) head over to the left pan and click on the Posts.

2. Revert Articles Or Posts To Draft Mode:
There is 2 Options to revert to draft. First mouse over on post that you want to revert draft and click on down arrow. Second open post that you want revert back to draft click on down arrow next to Preview from drop down menu select Revert to draft.

how to change blog post url

how to change old published blog post permalink

3. Head Over To Permalink Under Post Setting On The Right Side:
Once you opened the draft post or article, just click on the Permalink Option which you can find on the right side of the post editor. Now this option will open as you can see in the image.

blogger automatic permalink

4. Select Custom Permalink Option:
In this window automatic permalink option already selected by default. you've to choose Custom Permalink option to add your permalink there.

blogger custom permalink

To set well-optimized custom permalink in blogger. I suggest you few things which I have already told in the SEO best practices above.

If you are writing an Post or Article on "How To Change Permalink In Blogger", Blogger blogspot will automatically create permalink for your post something like this:
You can see that this permalink is too long and also not SEO-friendly.

But with the custom permalink option in blogger, you can make this link short by optimizing for focus keywords and also removing the Stop Words such as how, to, the, in and on.
Remember, always use hyphens (-) between words to separate them while making custom permalink in blogspot.
By following you can make the permalink short something like this:
Now, this is a well-optimized and SEO friendly custom permalink that is ready to be publish.

The Problem of Changing Permalink of the Old Published Blog Posts.

You can change the permalink of the old published posts, but there are some disadvantages of it. The first drawback that you'll see after changing the permalink url of the old published blog posts is 404 Error which means page not found error.

This error occurs when you change the permalink, the content of that blog post shifted to another link. when you access the old permalink, it shows you a 404 page not found error.

I've already discussed the 404 error in previous post. How To Fix 404 Error Page (Not Found) In Blogger Blog

What is 301 redirect - How to implement it?

301 redirect is the technique to move a webpage permanently from one location to another location. It will tell the web browser that the page moved to another URL permanently.

How To Setup 301 redirect?
1. Go to Blogger from dashboard click on Settings Option.
2. Then scroll down and head over to the "Error and Redirects" option and click on Custom Redirect.

blogger blogspot 301 redirect

3. Click on Add Button in new window, it will show you the Redirect Setup.

how to set up 301 redirect error in blogger

4. Enter the part of the URL with date which show 404 error in 1st box. Enter the part of URL with date of new page where you want to redirect yours users. Please note put part of URL in both boxes just after your domain.

I hope after following all steps carefully, you will learn Use Automatic And Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogspot and how to change old published blogger posts permalink to new custom permalink successfully.

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