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You’ll be overjoyed to find that your favorite game, Project IGI: I’m Going In Apk for android which you’ve been playing on PC for years, has been launched Project IGI for Android. Yes, you can play this world-renowned game on your android smartphone.

Project IGI Im Going In is an Android first-person shooting game developed by Innerloop Studios. In the game, you play David Jones’s character to catch Russian mafia. In addition to a plethora of weapons and adrenal rushing missions, it has new vehicles, spaceships, jets, and more. Project IGI 1 Im Going In Apk for Android is quite easy to understand and play.

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On top of that, it has everything to give you a real-life shooting experience. The gameplay is simple just like the PC version – you talk with an intelligent assistant to complete different missions.

Features Of Project IGI 1 Im Going In Apk

  • Missions – There are lots of different missions to complete such as Trainyard, Finding The Bomb, SAM Base, GOD, etc.
  • Smooth gameplay – The mobile gameplay is smooth and responsive.
  • Decent Graphics – It has decent graphics which makes the game more anticipating.
  • Customizable controls – All the controls in the game are customizable and comfortable to play.
  • Wide range of Weapons – There are a lot of weapons, guns, and armors to choose from.
  • Languages – It is available in all different languages.
  • Sound Quality – It has a top-notch sound setting, providing you surround sound with good effects.
  • Compatibility – The compatibility has been increased to support more devices.
  • Simple and Easy – Unlike other games Project IGI Apk is simple and easy to understand.

Download Project IGI Latest Version For Android

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