How To Fix 404 Error Page (Not Found) In Blogger Blog

If the 404 Page Not Found Error starts coming in the blogger or website, then there is a negative effect on SEO Search Engine Optimization this may result drop in your website ranking as well. Not Found Error or 404 Error Page may drive your blogspot visitors go exit your blog immediately after they see page with 404 error. For this reason this error should be fixed as soon as possible. What is 404 Not Found Error and How To Fix 404 Page Not Found Error in Blogger Blog? In this tutorial I will tell you how to remove 404 error from your blogger blogspot, It is important to increase your blogger website rank and improve health of your sites or blog. You can easily fix 404 page not found error in blogger blogspot.

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Why 404 Error Cause In Blogger?

Blogger starts giving the 404 error that means that the post has been transferred to a new URL or deleted permanently.

Mistakenly Indexing – This means that sometimes search engine crawls your blog’s URLs that do not exists in your blogger blog, and it starts giving a 404 error on your blogger website.

Deleted Post – If your post deleted or reverted to draft this can cause to 404 Error.

Reported Content – This means that if your blog content is reported as spam or abusive blogger will revert it to draft, this can also cause a 404 error.

How To Find 404 Error (Page Not Found)?

1. Go to Google Search Console Account.
2. Choose your Site or Blog (If you have more than one sites or blog).
3. From left panel click on Coverage and Select Excluded Tab.
4. Next, Scroll down and find Not Found (404) click on it.
5. You will see all Error pages, copy your 404 error Url.

How To Fix 404 Page Not Found Error In Blogger Blogspot.

It is much better to redirect your error page visitors to your blog’s home page by adding custom redirection. How to redirect 404 error page to homepage in Blogger.

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and click Settings option.
2. Scroll down to Errors and Redirects.

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3. Click On Custom 404. and Paste given code in it.
Sorry, the page you're looking for in this blog does not exist.<br />
You will be redirected to homepage shortly.
  <script type = "text/javascript">
  PNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() {
  location.pathname= "/"
  }, 5000);
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That's it!
Now whenever any visitor opens Broken Dead Links in your Blogger Blogspot, He will Auto Redirect to the homepage of the blog.

How To Redirect 404 Error Pages or Posts To Relevant Page or Post.

1. Go your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Click Settings and Scroll down to Errors and Redirects.
3. Now Click on Custom Redirects.
blogger custom redirects, 404 error, page not found error, relevant page

4. Click on Add button.
5. Enter the part of the URL with the error page in 1st box. Enter the part of the new page where you want to redirect your visitors. Please note that you have to put part of URL in both cases just after your domain. see example below.
how to redirect blogger 404 error to relevant post

6. Click on Permanent Redirect.
7. Now Click Save. That's it!

Now your visitors who land on your blogs 404 error page or post will be redirect to relevant page or post in blogger blogspot.

Conclusion: Hope this tutorial helped you on How To Fix 404 Error Page (Not Found) In Blogger Blogspot. Also learned how to redirect 404 to homepage and relevant page on blogger. Please share this post and with your friends and feel free to leave your comments.

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