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How To Fix Earnings At Risk Error In Adsense?

Adsense users might have seen a red warning banner in the top of Adsense Dashboard. You will lose your ads revenue until fixing the issue. Generally this issue has envolved after introducing the "Custom Ads.txt" feature in blogger. You will find this feature in Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Monetization Section.

Because of this new feature every Adsense publisher must insert Publisher Id into Custom ads.txt box to generate revenue from ads. After creating ads.txt file or adding ads.txt file in your blogger blog you can fix "Earnings at risk error" in Google Adsense.

Do you want to set up Custom ads.txt in Blogger? In this tutorial I will guide you step-by-step How to get your Google Adsense Publisher ID and How to set up Custom ads.txt in Blogger.

The Publisher ID is a unique identifier for your Google AdSense account. This ID is used when you communicate with Google. Once your Blogger blog approved for showing ads you need to add your Google Adsense publisher ID in Blogger’s Custom ads.txt file.

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What Is Ads.Txt

Authorized Digital Sellers or Ads.txt is a text file that present in root directory of your website and it ensures that your digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers (such as AdSense) who you’ve identified as authorized.

Creating your own Custom ads.txt file gives you more control over who’s allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent counterfeit inventory from being presented to advertisers. In this way, you can maximize your ad revenue and chances of getting counterfeit inventory decrease.

Step 1. How To Get Google Adsense Publisher ID

Follow the steps to get your Publisher ID in Google AdSense account.

1. Go to your Google Adsense Account & Sign In.
2. Click Account.
3. Click Account Information.
4. Copy your AdSense Published ID. It starts with "pub-0000000000000000".

Step 2. How To Set Up Custom Ads.txt In Blogger

You can easily Add Ads.txt file in blogger..

1. Login to your Blogger account.
2. Click on Settings and Scroll down to Monetization section.
3. First drag the slider towards right to Enable Custom Ads.txt.
4. Then click on Custom Ads.txt.

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5. Now Copy and Paste the following code into Custom ads.txt:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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6. Don't forget to replace Pub-0000000000000000 with your Adsense Publisher ID. as we have seen in the Step 1 (How to Get your Adsense Publisher ID).
7. Click Save.

Step 2. How To Test Custom Ads.Txt?

You can easily check if the ads.txt is added properly. Just Open homepage of your blogger website and Add "/ads.txt” at the end of your blog URL like this ( and hit Enter. Now you will see the same code that you have pasted in Custom Ads.txt box. If the code is same then the ads.txt problem in blogger is fixed.

If you have followed my tutorial properly then earning at risk error in Google Adsense will be solved. I am sure now you have learned how to create setup and manage ads.txt file for blogger. If you tutorial share it with friends.

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