HTML Parser Tool For Blogger - Converter Html Code Into Xml

HTML Parser Tool can be used to parse HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Code into Xml so that this code can be easily added to Blogger Template and Pre Code tags for embedding. This tool mainly supports for parsing code like Adsense Code, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Blogger Posts, Tutorial Preview Etc.

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What Is Html Parser Tool ?

HTML parser tool is mainly used for parsing Google Adsense code so that ad code can be easily added to blogger template. If you put the Google Adsense ad code in the blogger template without parsing it, then you may have the problem of not showing the advertisement. Html parser tool also used to add a code into blogger templates and HTML code to tutorial preview in your blogger posts. In the blogger posts without the parse, the code will not be shown so this parse tool will solve the problem.

How To Convert Html Code Into Xml

Enter your code in upper box and you will get converted code instantly in lower box. just copy the escaped code and put it in the blogger template or blogger post.

Paste Your HTML:

Copy Escaped HTML:

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