How To Use Color Coded Labels In Gmail To Organize Your Inbox

Using labels for Gmail can keep your mailbox looking clean and make it easy to find items. when you have thousands of emails in your Gmail inbox without any order. Want to better organize your emails and take back control of your inbox?

A Good way to organize your emails is to color-code & filters to sort important emails, so you will be able to keep track of the emails. In this article will teach you how to use Gmail labels to organize your inbox by using labels in Gmail.

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How To Use Color-Coded Labels In Gmail To Organize Your Inbox

1. Create Labels

To begin organizing your emails, the first thing that you need to do is create a label.Follow these steps to proceed:

1. Launch your browser and open your Gmail inbox.
2. Navigate to the left pane and expand the More Section.

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3. Scroll down and choose Create a New Label.

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4.In the following dialog, Name your New label and hit the Create button.

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If these steps do not work for you, you can try creating a new label by going into the Gmail settings.

Create Labels In Gmail

1. Go to Settings, the gear icon on the top right, click see all settings.
From the top right-hand side, click on the gear icon and choose “See all settings” to navigate to the Settings page.

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2. Click the labels menu item. It’s next to general.
The labels menu item allows you to see at first glance all the pre-existing labels. The default system labels that you will see include the Inbox label and Starred label, among others.

3. Scroll down the page and click on the Create new label button.
To create a personally customized label, you will need to scroll down this page until you reach the “Create new label” section.

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4. Enter a label Name and hit the Create button.
You have now successfully created a new label.

2. Color-Code Your Labels In Gmail

Now that you have created a new label, it is time to color code it to make it visually stand out from the other emails in your inbox.

1. Find your label’s name on the left-hand side of your Gmail inbox.
Scroll through the left-hand-side panel of your Gmail account until you find the newly created label.

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2. Click the 3 dots
Hover over it and click on the 3 dots display a number of options. Your focus is on the color section. choose a color of your choice. You can also create a custom color by clicking on Add custom color in the same context menu.

After you add color to your label, you can customize your inbox so that the targeted emails are labeled. You can either select the existing emails in your inbox and label them, or you can manually apply the filter to the targeted emails. How To Automatically Label Incoming Emails in Gmail?

3. Label The Existing Emails

1. To label the messages in your inbox, select the targeted emails by clicking on the checkboxes associated with them.
2. Click on the label icon on the toolbar. Then, checkmark the box associated with the label you want to apply and click on it to make the changes.

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That's it!
The steps listed above should help you better organize your emails and regain control of your inbox.

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