How To Automatically Label Incoming Emails in Gmail?

Gmail offers helpful feature for labeling emails. If you’ve been manually labeling incoming emails, you should know that you can make Gmail do this for you automatically. if you’d rather not manually assign labels to incoming emails, a task that can be time-consuming, you can easily set things up to have Gmail automatically label inbound emails for you.

In order to have Gmail sort incoming emails into folders using labels, you’ll need to have set up labels in Gmail first, Color-Coded Labels In Gmail make it easier to organize your inbox.

How To Automatically Label Incoming Emails in Gmail?

Automatically labeling emails in Gmail creating a mail filter. Perform the following steps for incoming emails to the label you want.

1. In Gmail’s search bar at the top of your email, click on the Show Search Options Icon.

automatically label incoming emails

2. You will get a drop-down with various Options.

how to automatically label incoming emails

3. Enter the E-mail Address you want automatically labeled in Gmail and Hit Create Filter button.

filter emails in gmail

4. Select the field Apply the label, and choose a label from the drop-down menu.

label emails in gmail

5. Click the Create Filter button at the bottom. That's it
When you receive a new email from this address, Gmail will automatically label it for you.

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