How To Add Custom Robots.Txt File In Blogger Blogspot

Hey Bloggers, Have you heard the name robots.txt or have you added your own custom robots.txt file in your Blogger blog! Today we will discuss about Robots.txt File benefits in SEO and How To Add Custom Robots.txt file in blogger blogspot you can customize this file according to your needs.

Robots.txt is a simple text file which is used by webmasters and bloggers to instruct search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo and others about how to crawl your blog or website i.e. which pages or directory of your blog should be crawled and which should not crawled..

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That means you can restrict any web page on your blog/website from web crawlers so that it can’t get indexed in search engines like your blog post, blog labels page, your demo page or any other page that is not important to get indexed. Use Custom Robots.txt Generator Tool to create robots.txt file for your Blogger blog.

Bloggers Blog default robots.txt file:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
change these lines with your blog address. How To Create Blogger XML Sitemap And Submit It To Google Search Console

How To Add Custom Robots.txt File To Blogger Blogspot

1. Go to your blogger Dashboard
2. Navigate to Settings > Scroll Down at Crawlers and Indexing first Enable Custom Robots.txt
3. Now open Custom Robots.txt box.

how to add custom robots.txt to blogger, enable custom robots.txt

4. Now copy above given code and paste in the box.

add custom robots.txt file, blogger robots.txt file

5. Click on Save button.That's it your done!

How To Check Your Robots.txt File in Blogger Blogspot

You can check this file on your blog by adding /robots.txt at the end of your blog URL in the web browser. Once you visit the robots.txt file URL you will see the entire code which you are using in your Custom Robot.txt file in your blogger.

For Example:

How To View & Test Your Robots.txt File

You can view and test the robots.txt file of your Blogger blogspot using Google Robots.txt Tester Tool If there are any syntax warnings and logic errors, Google will display them. Enter your Blogger URL and test if it is blocked from any Google web crawler.

There are a number of third-party tools available that can help you to view and test robots.txt file. Simply, enter the URL of any blog/website you want to test and select the User-Agent to check if any file or directory is blocked for that web crawler. Technicalseo Robots.txt Validator and Testing Tool

Conclusion: Hope this article clearly explained you about Robots.txt file and How To Add Custom Robots.Txt File In Blogger Blogspot. Please share it and if you have any problem on blogger robots.txt file then feel free to ask in comment below.

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