How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Android Phones

W-Fi calling enables users to make regular calls in low or bad connectivity areas with the help of Wi-Fi networks. This service only works if your telecom operator supports Wi-Fi calling and the subscriber has a strong Wi-Fi Connection. When the network connectivity is low, compatible phones will use the Wi-Fi network to make regular calls through the telecom operator it is subscribed to.
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The new Wi-Fi calling service is especially beneficial in low network connectivity areas. If Wi-Fi calling is enabled on the smartphone, it will use the connected Wi-Fi Network to make regular voice calls. For instance, if you're in the basement of a building and have low network connectivity, but strong Wi-Fi, you will still be able to make seamless regular voice calls. This service looks to improve call quality and reduce call drops. Wi-Fi calling service makes calls over the VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) instead of the VoLTE (voice over LTE) network.

1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android smartphone. Head to the Networks section (This could be called the Connections section or even Mobile Networks).

2. In the Networks section, go to Wi-Fi Preferences and then click on Advanced.

3. Check for an option called Wi-Fi Calling. If you have two SIM cards installed on the phone, users can decide which number to enable it for. Subscribers can even enable it for both numbers.

4. In some phones, the Wi-Fi calling option is offered right in the Networks section, without the need to dive deeper into the Advanced section. The pathway may be slightly different based on the OS skins of different Android phones.

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