Download Zapya 6.2.4 Apk For Android

Zapya Apk is a great App for sharing files, videos, and photos without using mobile data or network connection. A free app that can transfer files from Android, iPhones, Mac as well as PC using QR codes. Zapya uses three methods for sharing files through scanning QR codes, creating groups, and send files to a nearby device.

Using Zapya is easy and simple and it does not cost anything except some battery power. The application provides support in 20 languages and makes file transfer easier than ever. It uses peer-to-peer sharing, an easy way to transfer large files over wireless networks. To put it in easy terms both the devices the one that is sending data and the device that is receiving data should be connected to the same WIFI.

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As long as the devices you’re sharing with are connected to the same network and have ZAPYA installed, you can move files quickly between them and even view them through the app itself. It’s a great way to share documents, media, and more within an office or home. This app works great for office networks and educational institutions where all the users connect to a single network.

Zapya has a simple, easy-to-use interface that combines easy friends group management. You can share files within a specified friends group, and search for friends online nearby. Users can also review files such as songs instantly with a built-in media player. But you can not add more than 5 users to a single group. So if you transfer a lot of data from device to device then ZAPYA is the best app.

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