UC Browser 8.6.1 Apk for Android Download Now

UC Browser is obviously the best browsing client for Android users who really love to browse internet on the go with its bulk in Features it competes with all the major Browsers and somehow tops them out. Well the latest 8.6.1 release is out by the company which brings many improvements to its interface and feature sets well features are discussed below you can have a look at them.

Now the User Interface is entirely optimized for better browsing experience. Now you can add a refresh button, night-mode button and feedback button. Automatic lite or mobile version request according to mobile network. Speeds are literally improved. Content Recommendation specially for Indian Users. 4.1 Jelly Bean support added have fun. Now they have even rebranded the logo that brings a nice squirrel with blue base.

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Now there new homepage update brings possibility to add more websites, and now you can even search for new website's by navigating on their homepage. Now if your are downloading something and connection is broken it will automatically try to reconnect it for you and then even start that broken download for you. Now all the unsupported languages will be displayed properly which were earlier not displayed properly.

So now many features combined together to create an awesome browsing experience on your android device, well you can download it using this play store link or of you want to directly download the .apk file to your desktop you can download it by choosing option on the right, then you can shift that file to your device and install it.

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