How To Lock/Unlock Keyboard In Windows 8

This tutorial will show you how to lock keyboard, Mouse, CD Drive doors, and Power-Off button in Windows 8.

This concept of locking a keyboard comes from the mobile phones, especially the smartphones as locking of keyboard/screen is very important or else you would have called several persons without your knowledge or would have performed an irreversible task which may cost you highly. Similarly this task is pretty much important for the computer users too as we might place something on the keyboard while we are not working on it. For e.g. your important files can be moved, deleted, or running application can be closed.

So, it is necessary for the computer users too to lock and unlock their keyboard while they are not working on it. You just need a software, “Toddler Keys” and follow a few simple steps to do so.

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Steps To Lock Keyboard in Windows 8:

1. You need to download a software, ToddlerKey and install it.

2. Once the application is installed, open the start menu by holding down Windows key and type Toddler Keys to open the app. You can see application open in the system tray i.e. at the right side lower most corner of the screen, letting you quickly bring it up to lock up the keyboard, mouse, drive doors, and power-off buttons.

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Upon hitting the option you can notice that the keyboard is locked i.e. when you try to type anything, nothing happens.

To undo or unlock or exit from the locked keyboard, you need to type "quit". The locking and unlocking is similar to the pattern how we draw using our Smartphone’s to unlock the screen.

Upon following the tutorial here you can easily lock or unlock Keyboard, Mouse, CD Drive, Power-off Buttons in Windows 8...

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