GTA V Box Cover Artwork Revealed

We are still several months away from the release of Grant Theft Auto V but that long wait is not stopping developer and publisher Rockstar Games from revealing what the box cover artwork will look like when their latest game in the open world action series is released for Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 on September 17th.

Rockstar used its Twitter page to reveal the GTA V artwork today, and like previous games in the series, the box art is a collage of different characters and situations that gamers can encounter in Rockstar's virtual world. This time the action takes place in and around the city of Los Santos, a loose approximation of Los Angeles.

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Painters in the real New York City were actually trying to create the box art cover on the side of a Manhattan building this past weekend, according to Kotaku, under the guidance of Rockstar.

There's still no official word if PC gamers will be able to play a version of GTA V, although there are hints that such a port is in the works. The game will be coming out just a few weeks before the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4 console and, maybe, the Next Xbox console from Microsoft.

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