Game D Controller Case For iPad Mini And Nexus 7

Techdy is hoping to transform the iPad mini into a dedicated gaming device with the Game D, which is both a case and a controller for the tablet. Game D fits onto the mini like a standard Apple Smart Cover, but provides a d-pad and four action buttons designed for games.

Game D is the project code name for a revolutionary Gaming Device specifically made for iPad mini. It is the most powerful yet the most portable gaming device ever made. It attaches to iPad mini magically as a gaming add-on or as a smart cover. It is designed for both portable gaming and arcade gaming. It is an open source gaming device. It opens up unlimited possibilities to all Gamers and Developers.

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The aluminum alloy Game D case can be mounted onto the back of the iPad mini with magnets to provide a controller for handheld gaming, or set on a flat surface to be used as an arcade-style platform in both landscape and portrait modes.

At this point in time, the prototype Game D is designed to work with the games that support iCade, but an open source game developer kit will be made available in the future.

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As well as the iPad mini version, there’s also a Game D designed to suit the Google-branded Nexus 7, and with that very agreeable $39 price tag also attached, may be something you wish to consider.

The Pro version, which also packs in backlighting, dual-shock analog control sticks and vibration, is priced at $69, but is restricted only to the iPad mini. If the 30-day funding campaign is successful, the developers plan on adding a joystick.

The Game D is still in prototype mode and Techdy plans to let community supporters decide on a final name, custom colors, and an app user interface design.

Reservations for the Game D can be placed on the Techdy website. Orders made during the funding period are set to ship before August 2013.

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