How To - Get New Facebook Newsfeed Design?

Facebook has introduced a complete new Facebook Newsfeed Design and you can enable this by Joining the waiting list. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Join Waiting List” button. Facebook started to roll out this all new redesigned facebook newsfeed slowly to accounts that are in waiting list. Join immediately to experience this new facebook newsfeed. Facebook has given more focus towards Pictures and Videos that appears on your Newsfeed shared by Friends and from people you follow.

Saying Good Bye to the Clutter is the ultimate aim behind this new redesign. It is like moving from a regular television to a better wide angle television which brings better experience when you use Facebook. The goal is to unify the user experience when users use it in their Mobile, Tablet and Computer. Its not just about the navigation, its about giving more control over the stories you see from your friends and celebrities you follow.

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Facebook Newsfeed Clutter Free Design
Navigating to your Photos, Music, Groups, Apps, Updates only from your Friends and People you Follow will be more easy now. It looks like the stories that you receive from your friends are well categorized now to let you access them and get more control. Facebook has said, that it took the design from their mobile app to web by introducing this new clutter free design. But many say that it looks similar to Google Plus. Here is a picture that shows how this new design evolution looks very similar to Google + Design.

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More Facebook Ads ?
Facebook Ads, the important area where facebook constantly brings a lot of development to generate more revenue. You will see no ads in the video above but no doubt, that this clutter free redesign will bring more space for facebook to serve more advertisements. Ads are good when they served relevant and less in numbers. But not everybody likes advertisements.

New Facebook Newsfeed for iPhone and iPad
The recent update of facebook app for iOS devices has got some design changes with the Like and Share section. The same unified experience is what facebook is now focusing on bringing it to the desktop version as well. So we can expect the new newsfeed rollout in upcoming facebook app update for iPhone and iPad. There is no announcement of specific date about the release of next update that will carry this cool new redesigned look on iOS devices from Facebook.

Enable Facebook Newsfeed 2013
Dont delay as it entirely depends on where you are standing in the queue. So hurry up and Join in the waiting list right now. Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Join Waiting List” to add your account in the queue. We will only know whether we like it or not, after experiencing it. Lets wait for some time and see how this gonna change the user experience to a better level.

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