How To Install WhatsApp On PC Or Laptop

"WhatsApp for PC is the best way to send free SMSs from your computer"

Whats App is an instant messaging program which you can use on your PC. One of the main benefits of having this tool installed is that you can use the data plan you already have from emails and the Internet to contact your friends, without incurring any additional expenses.

This application is a multiplatform messaging service that lets you send and receive text and multimedia without paying for a SMS service. Technically what is sent isn’t SMSs, since the mobile phone line and your data network are used for these.

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Instead, WhatsApp Messenger uses the Internet connection. This lets you chat or send files to your contacts, which they will receive instantly, or when they connect. The files you can send include photographs, voice recordings and video clips, as well as contents in any other format, stored in the device’s memory.

Although the person whom you want to send the message must have the application installed, this program will let you communicate with your closest friends without spending a single cent. You’ll even be able to create groups and send messages to all members.

This essential software is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, Nokia and any device that works with Android. It is also possible to use it on devices that have applications such as Bluestacks and YouWave, capable of running an emulator of this operating system, even on a PC.


• Send messages to cell phones without any cost, since it uses the Internet connection
• Can be used on cell phones and tablets
• Works on the PC through Android emulators
• Easy to use

How To Install WhatsApp on PC

You need to follow these simple steps to install WhatsApp on PC:
1. Download and Install software on PC. It has both Windows and Mac Version.

bluestack app for windows

2. Launch it and download WhatsApp. Go to the "Messaging" and you should able to see the WhatsApp icon. Otherwise, you can use the "App Search" feature too.

android on pc, install whatsapp on pc

3. As soon as the downloading is completed, you will receive a notification in the taskbar that WhatsApp has been installed. Click on the icon to begin installing of WhatsApp messenger.

4. After installation, you need to Verify WhatsApp. Select your country and enter a working phone number. It can be your residential or mobile phone number.

verify whatsapp number, whatsapp verification

5. Press OK and wait for the verification to process. Most likely, you’ll fail to verify with the SMS method. Worry not, press "Call Me" and you’ll receive a call shortly together with the 6 digits code. Enter the code, and you’re almost finished.

install whatsapp on pc

6. Once you have activated WhatsApp on PC, you cannot access it on your cell phone. Every time you open WhatsApp on your phone, it will display Verification failed. Do not verify it once again, otherwise it will again activate on your phone and y won’t be able to access it on your PC.

7. You are all done to access WhatsApp App from your PC.

The reason for installing WhatsApp on PC is if you do not have smartphone then also you can enjoy free messaging from your desktop. Also WhatsApp is a heavy app which slows down the processing of the phone. You can ease up the pressure on your phone by downloading it on your PC.

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