How to Access/Unblock Youtube in Pakistan?

Due to a blaspheme anti-Islamic video; Youtube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) on 18-Sept-2012. The choice was taken in order to protest against that video and to not gain access to the video in Pakistan. Sooner, Pakistan's government request was denied by Google for removal of that video.

Google's report was that, the company is not yet registered in Pakistan; therefore, Pakistani laws can not be followed by Google. Though, the video was blocked in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Libya where Google is registered and follow the regional laws.

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How to Access Youtube in Pakistan? There are many application and techniques which can be used for obtaining Youtube and other closed sites in Pakistan. Mostly they are Proxies application which cover up your IP. But sometimes, protection problems occur while using a proxy software; they may exchange your individual information to their hosts. But the application [Ultra Surf] which is distributed here is the best among all and it protects everything for you. It doesn't display your identification to anyone. So this is the best remedy for using YouTube in Pakistan when it is closed. I'm using it myself and it is suggested to you to.

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Download and Install Ultra Surf: This application is very little in dimension and can be downloadable within a few moments. So just obtain it by simply clicking the link: Download Ultra Surf.

Note: only download the ZIP version and after downloading extract the ZIP file. And you don't need to install this software on your PC. Just open it and Internet Explorer will also start along with it. So, if you are using Chrome or Firefox then close Internet Explorer and use your desired browser. But don't close the software until you use YouTube. You can minimize it.

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