How To Add Table In Blog Post Editor Without Coding Blogger Blogspot

How To Add Table In Blog Post Editor Without Coding Blogger Blogspot - Adding a Table Without Coding in Blogger post editor so easy, To add a table you not only have to know the required HTML tags, But also have to painstakingly construct the table by aranging the tags manually in post HTML, that's not touching my heart if you ask me. that's why I use Window Live Writter as my post editor.

Saying that, if you prefer to attach with blogger post editor but hate to code manually there is another way. the following method of creating a basic HTML table are below,and it's just as easy and effortless.
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STEP1: Create Table In Excel

  • Create table using Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or any other spreadsheet software. You can also use Microsoft Word.
  • When you are done, highlight the table and copy.

STEP2: Convert Table Into HTML

  • Go to Tableizer and paste it into the text field. This tool removes the extra markup from your table and leave you only with a lean table code.
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  • You can customize the font type, font size and the color of the table heading if you want.
  • Finally click the Tableize It! button to create your HTML table.
  • This tool generates a set of HTML and CSS codes for you to copy. It also shows you what your table looks like.

STEP3: Paste HTML Code Into Blogger Post Editor

  • Copy the code provided and paste it in your post HTML.
  • Preview and Publish.
  • You’ve got yourself a table!
have a good time.

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