iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know

Apple's new iPad mini was announced on October 23, 2012. The Wi-Fi version will ship on November 2, and the cellular version just 2 weeks later. Apple calls it the iPad just concentrated, but the specs are closer to the iPod touch 5 or iPad 2, with an Apple A5 processor, LTE 4G and DC-HSPA networking, A New Lightning Connector, and iOS 6. Of course, that still makes it the best small tablet on the planet.

Key Features: 7.9-inch, 1024x736 163ppi display, Apple A5 chipset, 5mp/1080p iSight camera, 720p FaceTime HD camera, LTE/DC-HSPA+/EVDO data, Lightning connector.

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Everything you need to know about Apple's smaller, lighter, 7.9-inch iPad mini.

Display: Let’s get right into it: the iPad mini gets its name from its noticeably smaller display which is 7.9-inches. Its resolution matches that of the iPad 2, at 1024 x 768 giving a pixel density of 163ppi which, by today’s standards, is rather shabby.

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Camera: The iPad mini is accompanied by two cameras, one at the front which supports FaceTime HD, and a 5-megapixel iSight Camera at the back which shoots video at 1080p.

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Yes, the same rear-facing camera found in the latest generation iPad. In short; you don’t just get a smaller iPad, you also get an amazing camera which you can carry around with you most of the times.

Processor & Battery life: With 10-hours of battery life, Apple hasn’t made any sort of sacrifice! And we really mean that. The iPad mini is powered an A5 processor, the one found inside the iPad 2.

Lightning Connector: And as you might expect, the 30-pin connector is a long gone story and the iPad mini comes with Apple’s brand-new Lightning Connector which made its debut with the iPhone 5, fifth-gen iPod touch and the seventh-gen iPod nano.

Smart Cover: The iPad mini will be complimented with the iPad mini Smart Cover, the same cover which we’ve already seen on the iPad 2 and the current generation iPad, except that it’s smaller. The available colors are dark gray, pink, blue, green, light gray and red.

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Siri: You think Apple left our Siri from this release? Well, no! Siri is a part of the iPad mini now, as well. Making its debut on the iPhone 4S, then making its way onto the third-gen iPad, then the iPhone 5 and iPod touch. Siri has found a new home; the iPad mini.

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Dimensions & Weight: Besides the reduced display size, the overall dimensions of the device have also been scaled down: It is slimmer and will, most definitely, have an appropriately reduced weight. Weighs in at just 0.68lbs, this thing is really, really light as far as we can tell. The device is just 7.2mm thick, and is dubbed as being thinner than a pencil.

Price: iPad mini comes in Apple’s usual selection of colors: black and white. There are three storage configurations – 16GB ($329) / 32GB ($429) / 64GB ($529) – and two configurations based on connectivity – Wi-Fi only and LTE (add $130).

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Availability: The iPad mini will be in stores in selected countries on November 2nd, with a wider availability rolled out in stages. Online pre-ordering start on Friday!

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