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Swipe Launcher for Android gives users a way to change which apps are launched when they swipe upwards from the bottom of their smartphone's screen.

Android's biggest claim to fame has to be its ability to be customized in just about any way imaginable. If you want to change the way your Android Smartphone works, the chances are that there is an app, a tweak, or a widget that will make it happen for you. As polished as iOS and Windows Phone may be, they just don't sport the same level of customization.

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If you've been paying attention to what Android 4.1, Jelly Bean is all about then you'll no doubt know all about Google Now. Swipe Launcher doesn't offer Google Now functionality, but stick with us here. what Swipe Launcher does do it let users control what the Google Now-like upwards swipe gesture does. Want to launch your web browser using a swipe gesture from the bottom of your phone? That's what Swipe Launcher brings.
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With Swipe Launcher, users can select more than one app to fire up, with the chosen apps being presented when the gesture is performed. It's just another example of choices being made available to Android users, and one that we know many will welcome, especially if they didn't want Google Now to take over the upward swiping duties!
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Swipe Launcher is available to download now from Google's Play Store, with the app offering the choice to two launchable apps for free users wishing for more power can opt to buy the enhanced version of Swipe Launcher via an in-app purchase, too.
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Swipe Launcher is a nice, simple fix for an issue that few may experience. If you do need to be able to launch multiple apps with gesture though, then Swipe Launcher may be the app for you.

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