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KingSoft launched a new PC cloud security utility Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012. Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012 is a completely free antivirus solution for detecting and cleaning trojan viruses, and protect your Computer with system defense K+ and boundary defense. It can be a standalone product, and can also work along with other security software.

Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012 consists of three major modules: Virus Scanning, Real Time Defense and Anti-Hacker.

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Virus Scanning: There are three ways when doing Virus Scanning: Full Scan, Quick Scan and Custom Scan.

A full scan would detect System RAM, Startups, other key locations as well as hard disk, whereas Quick Scan just handles major security points of your Computer. When doing Custom Scan, you can select the folder/drive you want to detect.

Another feature which can be also useful is USB drive scanning. It is always a good idea to Scan USB Drives before start using it.

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Real-Time Defense: As its name suggested, real-time defense module provides real-time protection of your Computer on the fly and it can be broken down into 5 parts.

1. Web Defense - Protecting browser security while users surfing online, block malicious URL injection, and defense Computer privacy security.
2. IM Defense - Protecting user's Computer security while chatting with IM Software, like YAHOO, MSN, SKYPE, ICQ, AOL, etc.
3. Video Defense - Protect user's Computer security while watching online Videos.
4. Download Shield - Block suspicious files away from being downloaded to Computer.
5. USB Defense - Block Viruses which spread through Removable USB drives.

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Anti-Hacker: This is something unique within Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012. Kingsoft Anti-Hacker checks your Computer security status against suspicious backdoor which may be exploited by hackers and provides all-in-one security enhancement solution.

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Version: 2012.SP3.5
Size: 10.70MB
Language: English
Support: Win7/Vista/(32/64bit) XP (32bit)
Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012:

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