Receive Email Notification When Someone UnFriend You On Facebook?

Have you even up some day and logged into Facebook to find that you're one friend short than you were yesterday? Some of you might not even notice this, but for others, it is big deal. Before Facebook, people used to compete with each other on Google's Orkut for the most amount of scraps. Now, some people compete for friends (I did that too, once long ago). Competitions aside, every Facebook friend and fan is extremely important to marketers. While there's no shortage of people to be friend from Facebook's inventory of 901 million, it is important to retain the ones you already have.

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These days, people tend to have friends in the hundreds. So if someone un-friends you, How would you know which of your 554 friends was it? Facebook doesn't send you any sort of notifications for this, nor do I think it ever has. So to track down that one deserter, you'll need a third party app called TwentyFeet.

What Is Twenty Feet?

Twenty Feet is a free service that can be used with one Facebook as well as one Twitter account. It tells who unfriended or unfollowed you. It is simple. it fetches a list of all profiles listed as your friends every day. When one of more profiles go missing, Twenty Feet will notify you by email. Those friends could have blocked/unfriended you, or might have left Facebook or deactivated their account. Either way, it is good to know who has a problem with you.

Twenty Feet is free and can be linked to one Facebook and one Twitter account. For multiple profiles and business pages, you will have to go premium at $2.5 per year, which is a very fair deal in my opinion.

Twenty Feet can only tell you Who Unfriended you after you've installed it. It won't tell you of any such activity before installation. This is because Facebook doesn't provide that of functionality that allows you to see who unfriended you in the past (although it should have that!).

How To See How Unfriended You?

Setting up is really simple. Go over to, and click on Sign Up and try for free. You can either fill out the Sign Up form, or Sign Up via Facebook or Twitter. And that's it! You will receive emails for any friend that unfriended you. Watch the Video below for more information.

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