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Facebook doesn't make information about who's unfriended who public, possibly for fear of bloodshed. But there's a browser extension called Unfriend Finder that lets you do just this for yourself.

Unfriend Finder Facebook Script is one of the safest way to find out who has removed / unfriended you from their friend's list. It becomes especially important when you have thousands of friends in your facebook and when one of your best friend simply unfriends you on the facebook to find out what's going wrong with the relation.

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Moreover, keeping track of those who really removed you out of thousands of facebook friends might just be like searching needle in a haystack, and for that, this simple script makes finding anyone unfriended you easy.

Features Of Unfriend Finder Facebook Script Find Who Unfriend You

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Create a Menu Bar in Facebook that shows how many friends unfriend/removed you from their friend's list on Facebook.

You start with "0 Unfriend" and soon as anyone removes you from their friend's list, you get notified immediately.

Helps remove confusion of whether a friend has really removed you from their friend's list or that simply his Facebook account has been deactivated.

Find out who did not accept your friends request or who has ignored your friend request.

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Here Is How To Install Unfriend Finder Facebook Script

Step 1: Unfriend Finder is compatible only with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Click on respective links below to get to Unfriend Finder Official Webpage.

Step 2: Follow instructions on the page to install.

Step 3: Head to Unfriend Finder Download page and install Unfriend Finder Facebook Script on your supported browser. You'll be prompted with a window to install Unfriend Finder Script. Just Click on "Install" button that's it!

You'll soon be able to start tracking who has unfriended or removed you from their Facebook Friends List. Be assured, this is one of the safest open source script that you can trust on.


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