How To Create Free Android App For Your Blogger Blogspot

In this post I will teach you how to create free Android and Nokia Touch phones App for your blogger blogspot. Android is one of the fast growing mobile platform in the existing ones. It is because of the interactive user interface and applications available for android. Officially more than one million apps are available for android and each one of them have a unique functionality. If you have your own android application for your blogger website surely it will generate a good traffic for your blog.

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How To Building An Android App For Free For Blogger

1. Go to and go to Account Login.

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2. No need to create account, simply log in through your Facebook account.
3. Click on CREATE APP.
4. Continue with iPhone/Android App.
5. Now you will see a list of different menus. Scroll down and select CUSTOM APP.
6. Give App name. Select Android and Continue.
7. Choose a Logo, Change Background Image (You can upload your own). Now you have six options as you can see on the left side. It is a Live Demo where you can test your App.

app for blogger blogspot

8. You can change the Icons, their names and functions, To change the icons, click on Edit and change the name and icon.

blog app

9. To Change the functions of these icons, Click on any icon on the Live Demo and than Click on CHANGE PAGE TYPE to see the list of different functions. Give a title of page type.

android app for blog

how to make android app

Note: If you want to add RSS FeedBurner, u have to add.
Replace blogger4ever with your feedburner title.

10. Next Step is your APP Setting. Choose Android option and a Splash screen.
11. Now give your App information and APP logo is that which appear on phone.

how to build android app, android application

11. Save and Continue to the next and final step.

Final Step

1. Copy Certificate's MD5 FingerPrint key.
2. Go to MAPS API KEY sign in with your Gmail account Check I have read and agree, and paste the MD5 Fingerprint, and Click on Generate API KEY button.
3. Copy API KEY and paste that key in YOUR MAPS API KEY and Click on Continue....

YOUR APP IS READY ! Some important things: if you wish to publish your app to android market, you have to pay a one time fee of $25 but it is not necessary because you can download your app and can upload it on any file hosting and then you can give that link to others.

If you wish to make changes to your app than you can do it by going to My Apps Link and than Click APP Management. You do not have to download the App again and again after every change. The change will happen automatically.

That's it !

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