How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blogspot

How To Setup Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blog - Wouldn't it be nice to know how many people actually visited your blog each day? How about knowing which of your posts are the most popular? Well surprisingly Blogger doesn't currently offer any native blog analytics but fortunately there is Google Analytics Available for free.

Google Analytics is a great tool that will show you all sorts of useful information about how people found your blog, keywords they searched on to find you, where they came from and even how long they stayed. You'll learn more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your blog. This is a must tool if you are trying to build a profitable blog otherwise you are flying blind!

In this article how to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog. I will show you How to create analytics Property for blogger and get tracking id and how to add analytics tracking id to blogger blogspot. It's a fairly simple process and doesn't require any technical skill at all.

How To Setup Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blogspot

1. Go to Google Analytics and Sign Up using your Google Account.

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Click on the "Sign Up" button and proceed to the next step which will ask you for your general information. Account Name, Website URL, and Time Zone. fill all required information and Accept "Terms and Conditions". The Screen will look like this:
how to add google analytics

Account Name: More preferably it will be the Profile Name, such as, My blogs.
Website's URL: Enter your site's URL, example, or
Time Zone: Select your Country only.
User Agreement: Select YES and Click Create Account.

2. On next page you will be given the Analytics Script Under Tracking Code tab.

how to setup google analytics

This is the code you will need to copy and paste into your blogger template. Go ahead and click into the box and it will automatically highlight the entire block of code for you. Now you need to copy that code and paste it into notepad or into MS Word document. Save it as you'll need to use it later.

Adding Google Analytics Tracking Code Or Tracking ID To Your Blogger Template

1. Go to Blogger's Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML Tab
2. Find Closing </head> tag. (Press Ctrl + F)
3. And immediately before it add the Analytics Tracking Code,

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Save your Template. It's Done!

How To Add Multiple Sites / Blogs to Google Analytics?

Find the Web Property Settings tab, Click it and below it add your Blog's name under Web Property Name and Apply. Now Click the link of your profile name found on the top as shown on the image.

add blog to analytics, add website to google analytics

To add your other blog just click + New Web Property, that's it.

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Add any other fancy tracking gadgets/widgets or not?
Preferably, not needed as this will give you every detailed status.


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