How To Integrate Adsense In Google Custom Search Engine

CSE - Google Custom Search Engine enables you to Create Search Engine For Your Blogger blog, Or a collection of websites. You can find-tune the ranking, customize the look and feel to the search results.

Google custom search engine in blogger is not just provide the facility of searching in blogger blog but also provide opportunities to earn money. Enable earn money option from Google CSE Custom Search Engine and start earning money. There are multiple ways through which we are able to make money but majority of people start focusing on google adsense. First of all you must have approved adsense account to earn money though google custom search engine.

Google Adsense for search offer your blogger blog search or web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms. Google Custom Search Engine with regard to your website internal search and page view, its now time to monetize your search engine to further increase your Adsense for search revenue. This search engine displays Adsense Ads when a visitor searches for a query at your blog or site, as shown in the image below.

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The ads when clicked or even if just viewed by the visitor will increase your Pay Per Click and Page Impressions earning. Learn How To Associate Adsense Account With Google Custom Search Engine.

How To Integrate Adsense with Google Custom Search Engine..?

After you have successfully Created Your Google Custom Search Engine For Blogger, Now Associate Adsense Account with Google Custom Search Engine to monetize it by following simple steps below.

1. Go To Manage CSE
2. Click the Control Panel link close to the name of your search engine.

google search for blogger blogspot

3. Click the Make Money at the left Pane,
4. Finally on the next window appears click the option that says "I already have an Adsense Account" and fill the simple form with your email, postal code and the last 5 Digits of your mobile number that you submitted to Adsense while creating an account.

associate adsense in google custom search engine

5. Click the Submit button you are done!
6. Log into your Adsense Account and simply click the link that may appear at the top of your Dashboard which will ask you whether or not you wish to let the Custom Search Engine to access you adsense ads.

how make money with custom search engine

7. Click YES, Allow to access my account and Submit Information.
That's it, You have successfully added AdSense Ads to your google custom search... Enjoy!

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