How To Create A Google Plus Page For Blog Or Website

Google+ finally rolled out pages to connect you with others. Whether you are a brand or have a business or just blogging, You can create a fan page on Google+ for people who love you. People can not only add your Page to their Circles but also can recommend and start hanging out with you.

Same as Facebook fan page, creating a fan page on Google+ for your blog is also easy. It takes only three steps to create one after signing in.

How To Create A Google Plus Page For Your Blog Website

1. First go to Google Plus Create Page.
2. Now Select "Product or Brand" category and Add your info.

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3. After adding info click on "Create".
4. Now you can customize your page's public profile. Add "Tagline" and "Profile Photo". Click on "Continue"

how to create google+ fan page

5. Now you can tell your circles about this page if you want. Click on "Finish" Button.

how to create fan page, social media, google+1

6. Next Window will look this. You have created Google Plus Page for your blog or website.


After setting up the Fan Page don't forget to add an introduction under the About tab to let people know what's this page is about.

fan page

To toggle between and manage your pages, you can find the option from the dropdown menu under your profile picture. From here you will be also able to delete the page created on Google+


Get Your Blog Ready for Google+ Direct Connect

Google+ Pages are also available on search results. For example, if you search for "Angry Birds" on, it will directly take you to that page. Learn more by this Video:

You can get this feature for your page also but you need to add rel="publisher" tag. (however, it's not guarantied). For example if you adding a link to your blog so that your blog readers can reach Google+ Page then it should be:
<a rel="publisher" href="">Find us on Google+</a>

The best and recommended way is to add the link tag within <head> section.
<link rel="publisher" href=""/>
To add it to Blogger, go to Dashboard > Template, click Edit HTML and find <head> tag. between it to add the above snippet.

Add a Google+ Badge

You can also grab a badge for your Google+ page to add to your site or blog. just visit grab a snippet of code, add your Google+ page ID and get the code. Currently only icons are available but later badges will be introduced as promised by Google. You can join me on Google+ by clicking the below icon:


You will get two sets of snippets (check the image below), first is the link tag (I already told you how to add Google+ link tag to Blogger, if you already added it, you don't need to add it over again) and the second is the snippet to add on your blog's sidebar or wherever you want.

What is Your Google+ Page ID

Go to the Home tab of your page (also known as Stream), click Get Started link found under the left-hand menu, get you page ID under Tell The World section. Or Simply, look at the address bar of your browser and get the ID from there.

blog id


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