How To Create Google (CSE) Custom Search Engine For Blog/Website

How To Create Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) For Your Blog or Website - Google Custom Search Engine enables you to create a search engine for your blog, website, or a collection of websites. You can fine-tune the ranking, customize the look and feel of the search results, and invite your friends or trusted users to help you build your custom search engine.

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You can create a search engine that searches only the contents of your blog, website or you can create one that focuses on a particular topic. You can use your expertise about a subject to tell Custom Search Engine which websites to search, prioritize, or ignore. Because you know your users well, you can tailor the search engine to their interests. Your search engine can take into account the context in which your users are searching.

Make Money With Google Search Bar:

As with every method of making money online. it depends on a number of facts. Since you only make money from the Ads placed on the Search Results Page first need people using the Search Bar. If you have a decent amount of people using the Search Bar then it will come down to the general AdSense method of making money, which depends on the amount of traffic seeing the Ads, the CTR (Click Through Rate) and the CPC (Cost Per Click).

So it all comes back to your website, How much traffic you receive and how much of that traffic uses the search bar, which can be a lot if you have a large content website or a large blog. Large Forums can benefit from this search bar.

How To Create a Google (CSE) Custom Search Engine For Blogger

Go to the Google CSE page and click the "Create a Custom Search Engine" button.
Fill the form as shown in the image below

create custom search engine for blogger blogspot

Name: I named it "Blogger 4 Ever" but a good name for yours would be "Yourdomainname".
Description: Give a description about your blog.
Language: Choose your language from drop down menu.
Sites to Search: Put the url of your site here. I put ""
Terms of Service: Check the I have read and agree to the terms of service (if you have read and agree to them, of course).

Click the Next button and choose the Design for your search engine. You can click the "Customize" button to edit the colors and look.

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Click the Next button and then click the "Look and Feel" link on the next page,

adsense for search, adsense, google custome search engine

It will bring you a page where you will find three layout options Full-Width, Compact and Two Column

how to make money with custome search engine

If you wish to add the search box just below posts then choose Full-Width
If you wish to display the box and results on the sidebar then choose Compact
If you wish to add your search box to your sidebar and display the results above the post title then choose Two Column

Finally Click "Save & Get Code" button.

How To Add Google Custom Search Engine To Blogger Sidebar:

1. Go To Blogger > Design
2. Choose a HTML/JavaScript Widget
3. Paste your Sidebar Search Engine Code (Compact or Two Column)
4. Save and you are Done....!

How Add Google (CSE) Custom Search Engine To Blog Posts

To add the search engine just below your blog posts follow the steps below

1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
2. Click the Expand Widgets Template Box
3. Search for <data:post.body>
4. Below it paste your search engine code (Full-Width)
5. Save Template and View your Blog.

Ok, Now you are Done!

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