How To Promote Your Blog Posts On Twitter

Quick Blog Promotion tip - is a service that will Automatically Tweet any post that you publish on your blogger blog. I've started doing it on my Twitter account have seen quite a few visitors come across from it so far. What it does is that it checks the provided RSS Feeds regularly and posts new items to a Twitter Account. That's the basic principle at least.

promote blogger posts to twitter
Users need an Account to log into the service and a Twitter account to publish the RSS Feed to. It basically works like this. Users create a new account at using an E-mail Address. He can then create a new Twitter Feed to the account by supplying a Twitter Account and a Feed Url of the feed that he wants to add. Once that has been setup will publish new items on the Twitter account automatically until the user pauses or deletes it again.

The Easiest Way to Automatically Tweet Your Blog Posts:

1. Go to, Click Register button to Create a new Account.
2. Then, Go to Twitterfeed and Login using your E-mail address and password.
3. Then Setup your Twitterfeed account by entering in your Blogger Blog's RSS feed. One RSS Feed is not limited to one Twitter Account, so if you have multiple accounts you can send your RSS to all of them. If you have 10 blogs, you can consolidate all of your RSS feeds into one Twitter account.

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Advanced Settings

1. Choose the Frequency of the Twitterfeed. Check for new posts every 30 minutes or once a day.
2. You can set the amounts of updates each time, so if you only want to send one you can, but you are allowed to send as many as five.
3. You can list the post titles or the descriptions in Twitterfeed.
4. You can also add a prefix to the blog posts. This way, if you have multiple blogs you can Label them: Blog1, Blog2 etc..

how to promote blogspots to twitter

Click Continue to Step 2

Then Choose Twitter in "Available Services" On next page you will see something like this, Authorize Twitterfeed to use your account? Enter your Twitter Username and Password and Click on "Authorize App" Button.


That's it! Now, when you Publish Blogger blog post, a Twitterfeed will automatically be created and posted to your Twitter Account..

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