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Project IGI 1: I'm Going In (released in Europe as simple Project I.G.I) is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Innerloop Studios and released on December 15, 2000 by Eidos Interactive. It is one of the first Computer Games to feature realistic weaponry and tactical combat situations.

Project IGI: Pursue and defeat a homicidal ex-Russian Colonel before he turns Europe into a nuclear wasteland in Project IGI: I'm Going In. This first-person shooter emphasizes stealth and guile instead of massive firepower. You will sneak into the toughest military installations in Eastern Europe, and once inside, use your skills in thievery, computer hacking, sabotage, and reconnaissance to stop madman. The enemy's Artificial Intelligence will react to your every action and use military tactics to track your position. In order to counter its surveillance, bunkers, tanks, and gunships, you will be equipped with NATO spy gear and assault weapons. If the odds get stacked too high against you, call in a napalm Strike via you map/communication PDA.

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Main Characters:
David Llewellyn Jones - Jones is an agent for I.G.I (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) and former British SAS operator. Player control him as the main character.
Anya - Anya is the contact at headquarters who directs Jones via's radio. She appears in the final mission to defuse the bomb.
Ekk - a Russian woman who intends to destroy Europe by nuclear warfare.
Captain Harrison - Commander of allied troops, which aid Jones in some missions.
Jach Priboi - Soviet Arms Dealer.
Josef Priboi - Jach's Nephew.

David Jones is sent off to find Josef Priboi, a Russian arms dealer who is believed to have information on a stolen nuclear warhead. As he helps Captain Harrison, apprehend Josef he discovers that the brains of the operation is Josef's uncle Jach, whom Jones then attempts to apprehend instead. He discovers his location by planting a virus in Jach's communication center. While Jach Priboi is taken away in helicopter by Jones, he is shot down by Ekk. Jones then has to Clear the border and find his equipment. He then hijacks the train carrying Priboi and takes him in for interrogation. Learning about the involvement of Ekk, he sets off to catch her and find the nuclear weapon. Ekk escapes on her first meeting with Jones, but Jones kills her after finding her second hideout as well as the nuclear warhead.

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