How To Add Html Text Box and Textrea in Blogger Post

The HTML Code of the text box makes use of the TEXTAREA property. For the text box to be in a Blog Post, While drafting the Post, switch to “Edit HTML” mode to insert the following code. If it is to appear in the sidebar or other parts of the template, go to Template -> Page Elements -> Add a Page Element and select “HTML/JavaScript” to insert this code.

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How To Add Html Text Box and Textrea in Blogger Post

Users can input Text
The textarea Html code which allow users to input Text is this:-

<textarea rows="5" cols="40">

The attribute cols indicates the number of visible columns and the rows shows the number of visible rows. Note that this simply sets the dimensions of the text box. The lines of text can exceed the specified area, and when that happens, there will be scrollbars at the sides to allow users to view all the contents. In the above code, users can input Words & Characters into the text area. There is no limit to the amount of text that can be inserted but browsers may have their own present limits. This is what readers will see:-

Read Only TextBox
If the text box contains terms and conditions or information, we can insert a <readonly> attribute into the textarea code. Readers can view the text but they cannot edit or amend it, or insert any input into the box. This is the Html code.
<textarea rows="2" cols="30" name="Famous Quotes" readonly="readonly">Text Here</textarea>

Change the value of the rows and cols to give you an idea how big the boxes will be with these values. A name can be assigned to the textbox for scripting purposes. Here, we have set it to display a readonly text which users cannot edit, but can still select and copy, like this:-

Link to site Text box
To display a code for readers to link to your Blog, you can make use of the <readonly> attribute. Instead of text, insert the HyperLink HTML code. The textarea code can be this:-
<textarea rows="4" cols="25" name="Link to Site" readonly="readonly">Hyperlink Code</textarea>

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