How To Remove Label Number Count In Blogger Blogs

How To Remove Label Number Count In Blogger Blogs By default, the Labels widget that can be added into your Blog through Template -> Page Element -> Add a Page Element will have an automatic count of the number of posts bearing that label tag.

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If you don't like to see the number count, or you want to change the brackets to square brackets or something else, you can edit the template code. Before any change, remember to Back Up your template. Go to Template -> Edit HTML and save a copy of your existing template by clicking the "Download Full Template" link.

How To Remove Label Automatic Number Counts In Blogger Blogspot

Check the "Expand Widget Templates" box.

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If you don't want the number count to appear after the Labels,
Press Ctrl+F search
delete that code and save your template.......

If you want a square bracket, change the code:-

If you want a hyphen followed by the number, change with this code:-

Preview the Template. If this is what you want, Save the Template and refresh the Blog page.

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