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Penguins! Is an entirely original new downloadable game unlike any on the Internet today. As penguins progress through the 100+ levels of the game, they can collect coins that players can spend at the zoo store to buy additional levels, posters, post cards, music, wallpapers and hilarious penguin costumes.

Penguins is also the first downloadable casual game to incorporate in-game content delivery from the web. This allows Wild Tangent Studios to continually create and publish new content for penguins! Players to download from the in-game zoo store long after the game has been released.

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Hardware Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000 - XP - Vista
Processor: Pentium 3 - 800MHZ
RAM: 256MB
Video Card RAM: 3D Hardware Accelerated video card with 32MB RAM
Keyboard and Mouse: Supported


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