Color Code Generator and Color Wheel for Bloggers

Color Code Generator and Color Wheel for Blogger - These two tools below will help you to gain the six digit HEXADECIMAL value. These two tools will help you a lot in customizing your blogger templates....

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Color Code Generator and Color Wheel for Bloggers

Color Code Generator

1. First drag the black bar on the "HUE" selector to generate the desired base color.
2. Next double click on Brightness/Saturation area and drag the cursor until you have achieved your desired color. The swatch bar shows you the final color result.
3. The HEX color code generated at the bottom of the grid in the "HEX BOX" simple copy and paste the color into your page.

Color Scheme for Choosing Matching Colors


1. Once you have HEX color value from the Generator above, copy and paste it (without the #) into form below the color wheel and it will generate a matching color scheme for your blog.
2. Simply copy the HEX values and start using them!

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