How To Upload Images In Blogger And Find Image Url

You have learned how to change your blogger blogspot favicon to your favorite icon or image. However after following instructions, it still has that old blogger blogspot favicon and the code didn't work at all. You may have inserted a wrong image url.

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.ico, .gif, .jpg, .png - correct favicon image format/extensions


There are many image extensions but you should consider only four that can be used on the web or blog as your favicon. These are JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, and the icon format/extension ICO.


Before inserting a link, make sure that the link is working correctly. The link should be the direct web address to the image itself and not to the page or post you have seen it. The following URL format should be followed to see image itself:

http://address of your image/image name.gif
http://address of your image/image name.jpg
http://address of your image/image name.jpeg
http://address of your image/image name.png
http://address of your image/image name.ico

Open the link first to know that it is alive and you have the correct direct link of the image. To determine that the link is alive, when you open link, It display the image alone and the favicon of the link is the image itself.

How To Upload Images In Blogger And Find Image URL

The fastest way to upload images and photos is through the Blogger Post Editor. Or you can upoad them in your Google Photos. From Your Blogger Blogspot Dashboard, Create New Post button. Once the post editor opens. Click image or photo icon and click Upload from Computer.

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When the pop-up window appears. Click Choose Files button. Browse for your image or photo and double click or click open and hit Add Selected.
how to find image url

On Next Page Select Proper Image Size and Alignment.
how to get image url

After the image has been uploaded, Go to Html View you will see the HTML Code of the Image in the post editor as seen in the screenshot below.
blogger image url, upload images to blogger

That code contains the URL of your photo. Two URLs (web addresses) that you see, would look something like this: You need to copy first URL of that image. Images or photos will be saved in your Google Photos Account..
That's it....Done!

Now you learned that how to upload images and find image url. it's highly recommended to optimize Images for better Seo (Search Engine Optimization).

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