How To Hide Or Remove Navbar On Blogger Blogspot

How To Hide Or Remove Navbar On Blogger Blogspot - Blogger blog comes with a default navigation bar. This blogger navbar may not be present in the most of third party blogger templates. If you are using default blogger template, then you will see navbar like this one which is given below. These navigation bars can be removed by using CSS tricks. In this tutorial I will show you how to remove or hide blogger blogspot nav bar.

Update: There are two ways to hide or remove the navbar from your Blogger blogspot. You can remove it manually from the layout widgets page or by adding CSS code to your Blogger template.

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Trick:1. How To Hide Or Remove Blogger Blogspot Navbar By Adding CSS Code:

1. Go to Blogger
2. From your Dashboard click on Design
3. Then Go to Edit Html
4. Now press Ctrl+F search for the following code; body }

how to disable blogger navbar
how to hide or remove blogger navbar

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
* {
border: 0;
margin: 0;
padding 0;

5. Copy the code provided Above ( as shown in the image below) and paste that code before body { now save your template and enjoy the new look of your blogger blog.

how to remove blogger navbar

Trick:2. How To Hide Or Remove Blogger Navbar From Layout

Blogger now also offers to hide the navbar right from their navbar widget in the layout section of Blogger blogspot.

1. Go to your Dashboard > Layout, and navigate to Navbar widget and click on Edit.

2. Now, a pop-up will appear with the colors schemes for your navbar, and there is an option to Off The Navbar.

3. Choose the Off option and click on Save button to remove or hide the navbar widget from your Blogger.

That's It! Now go check your blogger blog and you’ll find out the Navbar is gone. I hope you’re enjoyed these tricks about how to hide or remove Navbar in Blogger. Please share it with others!

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