How To Add Or Change Favicon On Blogger Blogspot? [Updated]

How To Add Or Change Default Blogger Favicon To Your Own Favicon. Favicon is a small icon shown next to the website URL in the address bar. By default, Blogger blogspot displays its own orange-colored icon as a favicon. You can make your blogger blog more impressive to your audience by using your own customized icon.

how to add or change favicon blogger blogspot

What Is Favicon On Blogger?

As we know that an icon is a graphical representation or a symbol of person or an organization. In most cases, it is the logo. One of the interesting features of HTML is the website icon or popularly known as the Favicon, a shortcut for favorite Icon. This icon is an image that is displayed, by supported browsers, before the site's title in the top or the image you can see beside the site's url in the address bar.

What is Favicon Size for Blogger?

It is best to select a square image when choosing your favicon dimensions. The Blogger blogspot favicon size can be 24x24px, 48x48px, or 96x96px. It should be less than 100KB.

How To Add Or Change Default Blogger Favicon To Your Own Favicon.

Adding a favicon in blogger is very easy. You just need to know basic knowledge of changing your blogger template. All you need to do is to insert the following link code in your template, before the <b:skin> tag.

The Link Code

<link href= 'URL of your image' rel='shortcut icon'type='image/'/>

The Image URL

Image Url is the web address of the image you are going to use as your favicon for blog or website. It may be in the following format: jpg, gif, or png. It is a web address, you need to upload it on a photo hosting site like Google Photos, Photobucket, Shareapic. Replace the URL of Image with your exact image url. Do you know the Correct Image URL?

How To Add Your Favicon To Blogger

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Design >> Edit Html
2. Press Ctrl+F Search for <b:skin>
3. Just copy the code which is shown below and paste before the <b:skin> tag

<link href= 'URL of your image' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/'/>

4. Replace URL OF YOUR IMAGE with the image of your favicon

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5. Save your template and you are done!

How To Add/Upload Custom Favicon To Blogger Blog On New Dashboard

1. Go To Blogger Dashboard and Select Setting.
2. On the left of this page, you’ll see the Favicon Click On it.

3. On Next Page Click On Choose File and Upload Your Custom Favicon (Browse and select a square image to make it favicon (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .ico) (100 KB in size).

4. Finally Hit Save Button.

Favicon Generator for Blogger

Are you looking for a blogger favicon generator. You can easily design your favicon.?


Search Favicons Here:

If Custom Favicon is Not Visible

1. If you cannot see the favicon in your browser tab, you must clear browser cache.
2. You have to open the following URL in the browser address bar.
3. Must change with your blog address.
That's it!

I believe this information to Add Or Change Favicon On Blogger Blogspot will be useful for you and you have successfully changed your favicon on blogger. Having any questions or doubts, please write comments below.

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